A. Definitions.

Chemical engineering

Conservation of energy

Conservation of mass

Energy balance

First law of thermodynamics

Mass balance

B. Textbooks.

Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering. D.M. Himmelblau & J. Riggs

Bioprocess Engineering Principles. P.M Doran

Chemical Engineering Design. R.K. Sinnott

Chemical Engineering Design and Analysis. T.M.Duncan and J.A. Reimer

Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes.  R.M.Felder & R.W.Rouseau

Introduction to Material and Energy Balances.  G. V. Reklaitis

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook.  R.H.Perry & D.W.Green

C. Other Resources

Che-Comp Bookstore

Chemical engineering books (Google book search)

D. Associations

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering

European Federation of Chemical Engineering

Institution of Chemical Engineers

E. Academic    

Worldwide – Academic Chemical Engineering

University of British Columbia

Christian Brothers University

University of Edinburgh

University of Florida -
University of Leeds

North Carolina State University

University of Pittsburgh

Rowan University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

F. Government.

Natural Resources Canada

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

G. Other

Energy balance and climate change

Faisal’s engineering page


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