Colin Oloman Books Published and in Preparation


1. C. Oloman, “Ol’s Notes on Material and Energy Balances”   [230 pages].
Ozgoods. Vancouver B.C. 2005.
ISBN 0-9733751-0-8
This book covers the basics of chemical and biological engineering to the 2nd year university level, with worked examples on biochemical, electrochemical, environmental, physico-chemical and thermochemical processes.
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2. C. Oloman, “Electrochemical Processing for the Pulp and Paper Industry”  [244 pages].
The Electrochemical Consultancy, Romsey, 1996.
ISBN 0-9517307-7-0
This book reviews conventional pulp and paper operations along with the principles of electrochemical engineering, then outlines the use of electro-synthesis and separation technologies in the mainline processes and for pollution control in the pulp and paper industry. 

3. E.Fontes, C.Oloman and G.Lindbergh, “Handbook of Fuel Cell Modelling”  [ca. 400 pages]
Elsevier Science -  Oxford, in preparation 2005.
ISBN: 1-85617-403-4
This book is a comprehensive treatment of the principles of electrochemical engineering and mathematical modeling, for use in the research, development and design of fuel cells.


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